Everyone has a story, so do I...

I am a serial entrepreneur : an award-winning event planner and event coach, a business startup enthusiast and coach, a mentor for stay-at-home moms and a financial solutions provider.

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2004 when i had the opportunity to usher at a conference for the very first time without prior training. My mom had put a word for me to the organizers of the conference when she heard them talking about getting one more usher to join the two they already had. She said “my daughter is tall and pretty, she will fit into the usher role”. That was how i got my very first ushering experience.

In 2005, my dad got me  a vacation job at his cousin’s architectural firm as an assistant secretary. It was very fulfilling for me and that experience laid a solid foundation for my entrepreneurial journey. I learnt how to type documents fast, carry out researches and write reports and also some basic graphic designs.

In 2007, my dad wanted to host a campaign dinner for his friend who was at the time a gubernatorial candidate. He needed ushers to help him coordinate the event and he didn’t want to hire “strangers” so he asked me to get a few of my friends to join me. I contacted 4 other friends, we got costumes and everything we needed to prepare for the event. My mum was the supervisor. The event was a huge success. Some of the attendees thought we had been in the business before and commended us for a job well done. We also got a few requests for our complimentary cards which obviously we didn’t have. The highlight of that experience was when we got requests from some attendees to usher at their upcoming events. This made me to see the opportunity right in front of me and I took advantage of it immediately (as the smart girl that I am LOL).

After that experience in 2007, I decided to take my new-found passion to another level. I enrolled for event decoration, event planning and VIP hospitality classes both online and physical. I launched the event planning arm of my business on my wedding day, July 23,2011.

Today my event business has a team of over 80 ushers and coordinators and i have trained over 350 young individuals in the last 10 years.

I founded my finance company in 2015 and became a business coach in 2018.

I have been able to run multiple businesses successfully because I have clarity of what each business offers and also because I have learnt so much from my mistakes and from others’. 


In 2018, I was the project coordinator for Pacesetters Entertainment and Recognition Awards (PERA). On March 10, 2019, I won the Event-planner-of-the-year award by Blingz Awards Events.

Adeife, the event coach
My first official event ushering job with my first team in 2008.
My first ushering experience in 2004
Project coordinator, PERA 2018


Adeife Abiodun-Adeyemi is a work-from-home serial entrepreneur.

She is the Founder/CEO of Ife’ctiv Touch – an event planning and management company and also the Lead coach at Ife’ctiv Touch Academy where she trains passionate young individuals in professional event planning, ushering and coordination from little or no experience through online courses and physical trainings.

In the past 10 years, Ife’ctiv Touch Academy has trained over 350 people and still counting. She has also mentored 10 of her trainees to start their own event business. Ife’ctiv Touch is known for modesty, high moral standards and professionalism.

As an event professional, Adeife is an executive member of Professional Events Planners and Vendors Association (PEPVAN) and a member of the Event Industry Nigeria (EIN). She is also a co-founder of The Events Solutions hub – a platform where a team of event professionals plan and manage events with fixed budgets without compromising quality.

Adeife is also the Founder of AjowithAdeife Nig. Ltd, an online financial solutions company that helps individuals and SMEs save with ease and raise funds through feasible saving plans (personal and group) that suit their income and financial goals.

AjowithAdeife started operations in September 2017 and has worked with 4 NGOs (and still counting) so far, to teach financial literacy and also create special saving plans to help members save with ease to achieve their financial goals.

In 2017,her passion for helping stay-at-home moms build profitable businesses was noticed in church and thus, she was assigned to be a mentor for Stay-at-home moms at Global Harvest Church. Through this platform, she has mentored several women.

Adeife is also the Founder of Ife’ctiv Business Club where she and her other business associates give business success tips to startups to help them grow their business with ease.

Adeife won the Event-of-the-year award in 2019 after being nominated twice in the Event planner of the year category by Ibadan Wedding Awards in 2016 and Blingz Events Awards in 2019.

In 2019,Adeife started a movement for women in Ibadan called #operationnostress to help busy women learn how to take time out to relax and stay mentally sound. She does this by getting discounts and good deals for movies, spa sessions and other treats for women and also organizes hangouts for interested women.

When Adeife is not working, she spends time with her family, sleeps and watches movies.

She loves teaching, designing graphics, solving problems related to business startups, very passionate about financial independence for women, youth and women empowerment.

Adeife is a christian. She is married with children.